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Are you interested in working remotely from the beautiful Sardinia, Italy, for just 1€?

The village of Ollolai is seeking successful professionals who are eager to contribute to the community by sharing their knowledge through presentations, classes, or projects related to their respective fields, careers, or experiences. In exchange for this valuable contribution, you'll enjoy an almost free stay in the village! 
During your stay, you'll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the lifestyle and culture of the Blue Zone, one of the five areas on the planet with a high concentration of individuals living beyond 100 years old. You'll also experience close proximity to untouched nature, savor delectable cuisine, and explore the incredible nearby beaches.

Note: Before you apply please read the FAQs below.

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  • What is Work From Ollolai (WFO)?
    Work from Ollolai is a new program from the municipality of Ollolai that aims to bring experienced professionals to work from Ollolai rent free (1Euro) in exchange for a knowledge share with the population. The goal of the program is to promote an exchange of information and experiences between rural communities, and the rest of the world, to increase the opportunities for the local students (and non-students) to learn more about the new digital professions, the opportunities of remote work, and cultural interchange.
  • Who can apply to the program?
    Professionals and entrepreneurs with multiple years of experience, in professional services such as in the field of technology, media, finance, real estate, architecture, etc, are strongly encouraged to apply. Professional artists, writers, musicians, scientists, and academics in general are also encouraged to apply. The goal of this program is to bring high professionals to live and experience the way of life of Sardinia, in exchange for a knowledge share in the form of contribution from the guest in the form of lectures, presentations, or projects.
  • What is the guest contribution?
    The guest's contribution can be in the form of a public presentation, lectures or lessons, about the guest’s skills and background. For example, if you are a Product Manager, you can talk about what a PM is, how you become one, what you study, and provide examples from your day to day, the type of problems you solve etc, and how you find work, remote or non remote.
  • How long can a guest stay?
    1 month maximum at the moment. We will evaluate case by case requests for longer stays.
  • What expenses are covered by the program and what's not?
    The guest pays a symbolic €1 for the rent of the house for one month. The municipality of Ollolai covers the rent. The guests are responsible for any other expenses, including food, utilities, deposit, travel, etc.
  • What kind of accommodation do I get?
    The guests are hosted in a private house. Depending on how many people are in the group and from availability it could be a 1BR or 2BR apartment. We will do our best to provide as comfortable accommodations and amenities as we can, but keep in mind that these are not Airbnbs, nor hotels, but real houses. It’s also expected the guests treat and respect the houses we provide as if they are their own.
  • Do I need to sign any contracts?
    You will sign a contract to rent the house for 1E with the house owner. This is a standard legally binding contract between the guest, and the house owner.
  • Is there fast speed internet in Ollolai?
    Guests can use e-sims on their phone to connect to the internet at high speed (~150Mb/s) using any Italian mobile network provider
  • Do I need a car?
    It’s easier if you rent a car and can drive around, however it’s not a requirement for the project
  • What visa do I need to join the program?
    We cannot provide immigration/visa or taxes recommendations
  • What does this program have to do with the 1 Euro Houses program?
    Nothing. They are two separate distinct programs from the municipality of Ollolai
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